The Ultimate Guide to the Best Brother Sewing Machine 2018

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Brother Sewing Machine 2018

In the world of portable sewing machines running on electricity, Brother is one of those brands that anybody, right from beginners to experts, can rely upon. The popularity of Brother sewing machines is due to the integrated hardware that accurately does what it conveys to do.

The product portfolio of Brother has diverse machines that are praised for not only their portability but also superb functionality and versatility. Further, the inclusion of multi functional controls and latest designs make sewing and embroidery work a breeze.

Small imprints and amazing solidness describe this brand. Thus, these machines never fail to gain customers’ satisfaction and rave reviews from them. With such as esteem value and superb quality, these machines can make you accomplish more than just simple sewing.

Several customers across the world are happy to have Brother machines. One more commendable aspect of this brand is the available manufacturer support in the form of instant help and open discussions.

Could sewing get more convenient than this? Well, this is the uniqueness of this brand. This is also why it is not so easy to select the best Brother sewing machine.

Get To Know the Brother Machines

A Brother sewing machine is perhaps one of the few best ways to learn sewing as well as embroidery. The brand is a big multinational company but it started as a humble unit in 1908. Today, its experience and evolution have made it an expert in manufacturing modern sewing machines that ensure good value for money.

In the domain of computerized models, Brother is among the most reliable brands. Most of its models are computerized. This brand genuinely sells machines that cater only to the needs of beginners and intermediate users.

A Beginner Vs Expert Buying Factors

It does not matter whether you are a naïve or a professional or whether you need a machine for sewing at home or tailor shop. You, as a willing user, have the right to get a quality machine.

This machine needs to be such that it makes your work more productive and your skills more intuitive than before, depending on where you stand in the learning phase.

Serving for several long years is essential but serving to improve you is something that Brother machines do. This makes it even more challenging to choose the right machine.

However, once you grab the right sewing machine, it aids you in illustrating and improving your skills in rendering detailed sews as well as complex designs. With such a machine, it also becomes easy to sew any kind of clothing as well as repair anything with ease.

In case you are a beginner who is trying to be creative, a Brother machine is perhaps the most conducive choice. However, to find one such machine, it is imperative to know the factors that affect your buying decision.

Well, it is not only your budget or preference that helps you select a sewing machine. There are a few more factors that help you in choosing the most suitable brother sewing machine. They are as follows:

Your Requirement

This is the major factor that actually is responsible to persuade you to go for the right type of sewing machine. It involves knowing the answer to the most important question of what you expect from it or why to use a sewing machine and where to use it.

This reply determines the kind of sewing machine you need. For example, if the need is for a tailor shop, a versatile sewing model with extra functions such as quilting and overlocking is ideal. Similarly, in case of home use, a simple model with standard stitches is fine.

Physical Build

This includes size and weight. Each sewing machine varies in terms of weight and size. While a few models are lightweight, others are a bit bulky.

Likewise, you can consider the preferable size. For example, you may choose a portable one if you need to carry it frequently. These models are usually smaller than the standard ones and are portable. There are also wider and bigger models that fit a larger table area.


The next important factor is the number of sewing options a probable model provides. Well, this set includes stitch sets, speed capacity, adaptability, buttonhole, and so on.

By default, Brother sewing machines support stitches adjustment and come with some standard buttonhole designs. The more modern the model is, the more options it shall have.

When it comes to stitching variety, the best machine from Brother comes with several options indicating different stitches such as quilting, zigzags, and standard. In most modern models, the number of designs can be even up to hundreds of options.

A few units have decorative, auto-buttonhole, and heirloom stitches along with some more types of stitches. Having diverse stitches in your unit improves both your skills and creativity.

While the probability of not using them is high, it is nice to have them. There is no telling when you will have to use them.

Another useful function is speed adjustability, which helps while handling elastic, soft, or subtle fabrics that are subject to creases or folding too frequently while sewing. It enables you to gain a control over such a process.

Each unit has an adjustable speed setting so that you can control the sewing process pace. This feature is essential to have, especially if there are a few projects that should be done on time or there is a need for improving your sewing and embroidery skills.

Ease of Use

Well, it makes no sense to have a model with maximum functionalities if it is not easy to use. To measure the ease of use, most people assess the basic features such as bobbin winding, stitch selector, and the system that handles threading.

These features are responsible for making it easy for you to complete a sewing task. Well, all Brother units ensure this ease of use.

However, a few are simply easier than others. This makes these units more appealing to the naïve starters as well as the old who are yet striving to become familiar with the modern design. Still, the best machine is the one that works as per your stride and preference.


Lighting is one of the important components of sewing. Many sewing machines come with lighting, which either can streamline or complicate your task.

It is worth opting for a unit that comes with LEDs. This is because they do not require frequent replacement and consume less power than other bulbs.

Bright LEDs aid in sewing darker textiles or concentrate on the work when the room light is dull. A few units also come with an LCD display that shows the chosen settings such as the stitch type and speed.


You should choose a unit whose design aligns with your workspace in terms of appearance and functionality. In case you want to take it for practice, it needs to be portable.

Computerized Functionality

If you want an embroidery-enabled unit, it is essential to have computer connectivity.

Such a unit is known as computerized machines.

Any Brother sewing machine allows selecting from hundreds of built-in embroidery designs. It also supports creating your own design and saving it on the unit through a PC. If this is what is required, ensure that the unit you choose is compatible with your PC.

Top 5 Brother Sewing Machines

Brother CS6000i

If you are looking for a unit that is affordable, reliable, adjustable, and easy to use, Brother CS6000i is likely to be your best bet. You can rely fully on it for modifying your old-fashioned clothes to make them fashionable as per the modern trends and with your honed sewing skills.

With 60 built-in designs, this model has fewer stitching options than a few other Brother units. However, this number still is enough to sew and mend a variety of fabrics. The unit also enables adjusting the thread tension to gain control over subtle and folding textiles.

Other features include LCD display for selecting the stitch, auto needle threader to keep manual feeding of thread away, jumbo quilting table, adjustable sewing speed, easy bobbin winding, and a free arm for sewing sleeves and cuffs. All controls are pretty easy to use to manage the speed and tension via the LCD screen in front.

Above all, anyone can use this model irrespective of the experience. Just install the right foot and select the right style to get started!

Advantage :

  • 60 stitches
  • Light and easy to use as well as carry with integrated handle
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Consistent output
  • 1-step buttonhole maker
  • Diverse stitches
  • Extensive table attachment
  • Many accessories included

Disadvantages :

  • No auto embroidery function
  • Some time to learn

Brother SE400

This machine showcases a distinct mix of craft and creativity to offer a wholesome sewing package for even décor projects. It can perform almost all mechanisms such as patching, knitting, weaving, and even legacy sewing.

The unit has all features of Brother SE350 but provides an additional twist with one USB port for uploading and downloading designs via a PC. It has all functionalities required to create any new kind of clothing.

Features such as backlist LCD screen and automatic needle threader make it an eye-friendly unit, while the drop-in top bobbin and its winding system along with the free arm and thread cutter ensure comfort and convenience.

Go for this one if you need to sew and weave in a reliable manner and wish to hone your skills to become a fashion designer.

Advantages :

  • 67 stitches, 5 lettering fonts, 120 frame patterns, and 70 holiday and kids designs
  • Bobbin system to twist threads
  • Tutorials for beginners
  • Accessory bag
  • White embroidery sheet

Disadvantages :

  • Non-adjustable foot
  • May not be affordable or suitable to learn for beginners

Brother XM1010

This one is perhaps the most affordable option in this list for beginners. It is also simple to set, learn, and use with just a handful of stitches and a 4-step auto buttonholer. Go for this unit if you want to get started with a basic unit at home.

The machine has a perfect mix of constituents for normal but easy mending and sewing. It comes with 10 fastens that aid the visually challenged users, zipper, buttonholes, and four presser feet. Working with it is as simple as moving the dial to secure lines between a crease.

The unit also comes with Stick safe top bobbin and a bobbin that shows you that the string is now about to get over. All adjustments are possible with this unit with just a single press.

Advantages :

  • Portable and light
  • Easy to use
  • 10 stitches
  • Easy to follow threading
  • Flexible thread tension
  • Most affordable

Disadvantages :

  • Lack of speed control

Brother CS5055PRW

Consider this machine if you wish to learn how to sew those tempting dresses in fashion shows. Brother has specially launched this unit for those who are interested in the fashion world regardless of whether it is local or international.

The unit features free-motion stitching for sewing at various paces and angles, while variable stitch width adjusts the stitches to add some innovation or uplift the look of some specific portion of the fabric.

The unit also comes with different buttonhole styles, bobbin winding system, and a feed dog system to gain full control over the fabric at any angle.

Advantages :

  • Portable and light
  • Easy to use
  • 50 stitches
  • Affordable
  • Quiet operation
  • Support for wide fabrics
  • Several accessories included

Disadvantages :

  • Less bright LED
  • No backlit display
  • Not reliable for thicker fabrics than those having two layers

Brother XM2701

If you only wish to learn but are unsure of whether stitching will be your passion or profession in near future, this model is for you. This is because it is less pricey and yet has all the tools and controls required for convenient sewing and quilting.

There are only 27 quilting and decorative stitches but are enough to keep you going. The unit also comes with an auto threader and six sewing feet for comfortable sewing without facing the hassle of putting the thread into the needle. Even the aged people will like to use it.

Advantages :

  • Light and portable
  • Easy to use
  • 27 stitches and 60+ functions of stitching
  • Jam resistant bobbin
  • Affordable
  • Instructional DVD

Disadvantages :

  • Non-adjustable foot
  • Dim LED


Each Brother sewing machine comes with its own set of amazing features that is likely to fulfill all the sewing requirements. However, choose the one that best fits your requirements and other buying factors including the budget.