Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer 5532 Reviews

Singer 5532 ReviewsSinger 5532 is a heavy duty version from Singer. As 5532 has 18 more stitches and is a lot more affordable than Janome HD1000, a good edge is held by it. Singer 5532 has 32 built in stitches including 7 Stretch Stitches, 6 Fundamental Stitches, 18 Cosmetic Stitches and 1 complete automatic one step Buttonhole.... Read More »

Singer 4423 Reviews

Singer 4423 ReviewsSome people buy sewing machine for fun, some needs it to support their small scale business and more serious project. If you are in the last category, maybe basic sewing machine won’t be enough for you. You will need stronger heavy duty machine like Singer 4423 sewing machine. Heavy duty sewing machine is definitely better... Read More »

Singer 4432 Reviews

Singer 4432 ReviewsIf you are currently looking for a nice sewing machine for your small clothing business, you need to check Singer 4432 sewing machine. Since you are running a business and you need to deal with demanding workload, you will need the help of heavy duty sewing machine. But you can’t just choose any heavy duty... Read More »