Which One To Choose ? Singer Vs Brother

Which of this sewing machine brand is more enhanced, Brother or Singer? This is one question I have not yet comprehended ever since I began working with sewing machines. I’ll try attempting this question in a culminating manner. Singer is a product of America; for over 164 years nowit has been trading sewing machines (that’s some top report). There was a certain period when about 9 out of 10 home sewing machines were owned by Singer. Now, everything has transformed, there are several competitors in the market and trading has become difficult for Singer.

As long as home sewing machine section is mentioned, Brother is Singer’s greatest competitor. Brother began trading on sewing machines 107 years ago. But at that period, Brother as a trademark did not have much influence as Singer machines subjugated the market scene. Things have transformed now, Brother and Singer have are now rivals in the world of sewing machines in US.

You can’t get a one word response for this question; you’ll need to do a bit of explaining. I always make quality my main concern than anything else. The Old Singer machines do last a life time (a minimumof 25 years life was virtually assured for a Singer machine at that period), but things have changed now. Not just only for Singer, all sewing machine companies now produce minor grade machines that won’t last for 10 years. Virtually every sewing machine now comes with plastic parts, excluding the interior frame that comprises of metal. So you shouldn’t expect the 1950’s product quality of a sewing machine to be sold today, whether Brother or Singer. You can’t tell which is more improved between Brother and Singer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But one noticeable thing about Brother sewing machines is that these machines are a bit higher in comfort and features. At same price, Brother offers various features than Singer, particularly in the entry stage machines. Brother sewing machines are also lightweight inclined, which can be an advantage or disadvantage (the advantage is that, you can carry them around with ease and the disadvantage is that the durability is uncertain and can’t be compared with the heavy duty sewing machines).


You must know what you want. Start by setting up your financial plan and find the best sewing machine in that price range, regardless of the producers. Never begin your expedition by features, because that may not assist you in discovering a top quality sewing machine.

Below $100:

If what you are searching for is a sewing machine below $100, I’ll suggest you get a Brother machine, and if you want to understand and perfect sewing necessities there is none better than Brother sewing machines because they possess better quality and right features. Singer isn’t a threat in this level. Brother XM2701 and Brother XL2600I are certainly the best sewing machines in this category. For furtherinfo, check our list of Best Sewing Machines Under $100.

Within $100 – $200:

Even though Brother has much influence on this segment, there are some Singer machines you can choose from here. The finest machines in this category are:

  1. Singer 7258
  2. Brother XR9500PRW
  3. Brother CS6000i

These 3 above mentioned machines are obviously better than all other machines in this price range. Singer 4423 is uniquely rated in this category because it’s the finest heavy duty sewing machine below $200.

Within $200 – $300:

As price starts increasing, Singer begins to unravel. In this price category, I can freely mention a minimum of 5 Singer sewing machines that are of best quality. Brother owns only a few valued machines in this category. The 3 highest rated sewing machines in this category are:

  1. Singer S800
  2. Brother Laura Ashley CX155LAS
  3. Singer One Plus

Within $300 – $400:

Neither Brother nor Singer got the edge over each other; both areequal in this category. Singer owns the finest machine in this category, which happens to be the Singer 9960. Brother isn’t very far behind; it has a representative in this category which is the Brother SE400, this machine is the best you can get for the finest combination of sewing and embroidering. Other exceptional names are Brother PC420PRW and Singer Special Edition sewing machine.

 Within $400 – $500:

Brother and Singer do not have much influence in this category. This price range is ruled by other competitors in the business like Janome, Bernina etc.

Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Brother doesn’t own any unique heavy duty brand below $200, while Singer has a couple of excellent heavy duty sewing machines which are the Singer 4411, Singer 4423 and Singer 4432.

Final Word

I strongly believe that this catalog has assisted you in making your choice. For further information concerning our “Best Sellers” list, you should check our clips and bulletins. Something I’ll like to jog into your memory is that, give great importance to quality. Don’t search for fashionable features. A sewing machine with several features doesn’t necessarily mean it will be of the best quality. Producers might try to wheedle you by displaying numerous features, it’s only after you have purchased the machine, you will get to find out that it doesn’t suture very well, and that is the most important thing that a sewing machine must be able to do.