Singer Sewing Machine

Singer sewing machine is one of the greatest inventions in the 19th century. And it is safe to say that Singer has been the most popular brand of sewing machine in the world ever since. Over the year, Singer’s products have helped us creating beautiful clothes, channeling our creativity and of course fix our family’s clothing accidents. So, it is best if we know something more about the history of the company, how the magic began and how they could survive in the midst of fierce competition. Let’s start our journey to the past!

The Early Development

The Singer Corporation was found and established by Isaac Merritt Singer in 1851. Even though he didn’t invent the sewing machine, he was the one that made fabulous innovations to make more powerful, efficient and easy-to-use sewing machine. Before the company started, sewing machines were used limitedly for industry. But in the same year of company establishment, he patented the first sewing machine technology that could be used for domestic purposes. From that day on, the company rose to prominence in the world of sewing machine production. In 1882, under the new chairmanship, this company produced more than 13.000 machines per week and employed approximately 8.000 workers and set its name as the world’s largest sewing machine manufacturer.

But situation didn’t always go well for Singer Corporation. In 1856, Singer developed a brand new lightweight model because the first model was very heavy and slow. But unfortunately, this lightweight model didn’t meet the expectation. It was indeed lighter but everything else was disastrous. He stopped the production and went back using his first model as the basis of all development in the future.

Just like every other company in the war era, Singer Corporation was heavily affected by the World War 1 and 2. During those war periods, the government demanded Singer Corporation to help manufacturing weapons. The company temporarily stopped the sewing machine production to fulfill their contract with the government. After the war, this company strived and kept producing new models of Singer sewing machine.

Singer in the 21st Century

For 150 consecutive years, Singer Corporation has produced numerous sewing machine models. Each and every one of them was specially developed to keep up with the latest technology development. Most popular Singer product in this modern era is electronic sewing machine, such as the brand new s900 inspiration and the most wanted 6600 Starlet. Sewing machine in the 21st century is very easy to operate and everything is just one click away. Electronic sewing machine has tremendous sewing speed and it is even equipped with automatic built-in stitches. Singer’s newest sewing machines really make sewing more fun and easier.

Prior to the 19th century, women had a hard time taking care of their household clothes because they had to sew manually. But thanks to Singer’s Corporation persistence and perseverance over the century, we don’t have to go through the same fate. Singer sewing machine has shaped the new era of domestic clothing and the company will never stop serving us with new and wonderful innovation.

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